Fashionista514's pregnancy story

How far along are you in your pregnancy?
I am currently 28 weeks.

Is this your first child?
Yes, the first of what I hope to be many!

Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?
A baby boy.

Have you thought about names yet?
My partner and I loved Nolan and Turner for a boy well before little one was on his way. We'll decide for sure when we meet him, but he's feeling a lot like a Nolan.

How did you pop the news to your friends and relatives?
With immediate family we couldn’t contain our excitement and called them pretty much the moment we found out. Everyone else we surprised at different times in different ways according to our relationship.

Do you have any special cravings or snack attacks?
It's the first time in my life I've craved sweets. I've especially loved maple (cookies and syrup), fresh Spartan apples, organic milk, and my daily morning orange pekoe tea (with a splash of almond milk and creamy raw honey).

What's your secret to keeping your personal style during your pregnancy?
I love classics and basics, so really just keeping it simple with flattering cuts and versatile pieces.Beauty has become a central element to dressing since I got pregnant. I think playing up your features makes for the perfect complimentary boost to switch up fundamental wardrobe staples.

Which celebrities do you think have the best maternity style?
I really love how Miranda Kerr, Gwen Stefani, and Kate Hudson style(d) their bump.

What is your favourite look for your own baby bump?
I love skinny jeans paired with a great d'orsay heel or flat, white tees, and a black fitted boyfriend blazer. It's all about layering for tailored comfort.

If you were to create a round-up of your top 5 Thyme Maternity must-haves, what would make the list?
My top fives would have to include the blue coated maternity jeggings (that texture), slub jersey maternity tee (because you can't beat white basics, the oversized jersey maternity tunic, cozy sleepwear with eyemask set, and skinny maternity jeans!

top 5 Thyme Maternity must-haves

What is the best advice you ever received while pregnant?
Not to get too carried away with worry and paranoia. You'll know if something's ever really wrong.

What advice would you give to other pregnant women?
Trust your body and instincts. Don't be held back or pressured by other people's opinions - be safe and know when something is/isn't working for you.

What do you do to stay in shape?
I love yoga and am a big fan of city life without a car, so walking is always a big part of my day. Stretching and exploring the city keeps me feeling energized with aches and pains at bay! Discover more exercises to keep in shape during pregnancy.

Is there a pre-natal book or other type of support that you are finding particularly useful?
There are so many great resources out there. I'm all-over loving Ina May Gaskin for her childbirth and mothering philosophies, as well as the Morgan method hypnobirthing teachings.

Is the baby's room ready?
Our baby will be somewhat nomadic! We currently live in a loft, so baby will share his space with us out in the open. Everything on my baby gear list is compact, storable, and minimal for quick convertible space-saving setups. Find inspirations for the nursery.

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