1. What is Thyme iD?

    Thyme iD is a FREE exclusive program for new moms and moms-to-be. Thyme Maternity's program provides exciting in-store contests, sampling events, exclusive offers, coupons as well as free baby samples from top baby brands!

  2. Why should I join Thyme iD?

    Upon joining Thyme iD, you will receive over $125 in savings, free baby samples, special offers, baby coupons and much more. You will also be automatically entered to win great prizes!

  3. How do I join Thyme iD?

    There are two easy ways to join Thyme iD:

    Visit a Thyme Maternity store to fill out a form at the cash.
    Create an account by simply filling out this form.
  4. When will I receive my savings package?

    When you sign up in-store, you will receive your Thyme iD card and savings package that contains free baby samples, baby coupons and other great offers from our cross-marketing affiliates right away!
    After completing the online form, a Thyme iD card and a perks voucher will be sent to your mailing address via standard shipping within 3 to 4 weeks. You will then be able to go directly into any Thyme Maternity store and present your voucher to retrieve your Thyme iD savings package. If you do not live close to a store, your savings package can be mailed to you. Please contact our customer service by calling us at 1-855-90-THYME. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  5. When and how will I receive my samples and/or offers from the other top baby brands?

    Each brand's delivery time will vary, shipments may be received from a few weeks after sign up to the end of your last trimester. For more information on shipping times, please contact the individual brand:

    • C.S.T. Consultants Inc., 600-2225 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto(ON), M2J 5C2 • 1-877-333-RESP (7377) cst.org
    • Huggies; Kimberly-Clark, Inc., 50 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Suite 1402, Missisauga (ON) L5B 3Y5 • 1-877-648-2484 huggies.com
    • Nestle Baby; Nestle Canada Inc., 25 Sheppard Avenue West, 18th Fl., North York (ON) M2N 6S8 • 1-800-387-5536 nestle-baby.ca

To update your Thyme iD profile, call us at 1-855-90-THYME

For more information about Thyme Maternity, a division of Reitmans (Canada) Limited, 250 Sauvé Street West, Montréal (QC) H3L 1Z2, and our divisions and cross-marketing affiliates, contact us at customerservice@thymematernity.com or call us at 1-855-90-THYME.