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Discover clothing and accessories for nursing and caring for your baby in comfort: from bras, tops, tank tops and activewear to sleepwear, skincare and accessories!

Nursing Bras

Nursing Bras

Thyme’s nursing bras feature convenient and discreet clips for easy access during breastfeeding. The best time to buy your nursing bras is the 8th month. Stretchy fabric ensures there’ll be extra room for when your milk comes in.

Tip: Wear your nursing bra at night to reduce stretch marks on the breasts and keep nursing pads in place.

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Nursing Tops and Tank Tops

Made with lightweight and stretchy fabrics, these tops are designed with discreet nursing features to breastfeed your baby in complete comfort. Versatile and easy to match or layer, they can be worn during and after pregnancy.



Even if it feels like you'll never sleep again (we promise you will eventually!), you'll need to pick up some comfy pyjamas. Perfect to wear during pregnancy and after, their convenient nursing features make them as practical as they are stylish!

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Must-have accessories
Nipple care

Nipple Care

Sore nipples happen! Ease the discomfort with Relieve Nipple Soothing Ointment; it's safe for mom and baby.

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Diaper bags

Diaper Bags

From hospital stay to shopping day, our versatile and stylish bags are designed to store your mommy must-haves.

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Nursing pads

Nursing Pads

Made to absorb excess moisture, these nursing pads are reusable, washable, breathable and comfortable.

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