Mom Survival Kit

New Mom Survival kit

After several months of waiting, your little one is finally here! To enjoy these precious moments with your family, we prepared a kit for new moms containing tips, nutritious recipes, lullabies and more!

Tracking Sheets
Get ready for baby
Top 10 tips for new mom

Top 18 tips for new mom

We asked Thyme moms to share their tips for surviving the first few months with baby.

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Diaper duty

Diaper duty

Never changed a diaper? Nervous about it? No problem, read our diapering 101.

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Getting to know you

Getting to know you

After 9 months of wait, baby is (finally!) in your arms. Here’s an insight on what to expect.

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Lullaby playlist

Sweet dreams

Lull your little one to sleep with our sweet (and soothing musical playlist composed of 8 nap-friendly songs. The perfect melodies for baby bedtime!