Week 8

Your baby

Pregnancy weeks

Your baby is the size of a raspberry! You are two months pregnant- confusing because you have probably only known about your pregnancy for about a month! The sac (the capsule surrounding the baby), is growing and filling with more amniotic fluid. Her arms and legs are growing longer, and her little fingers and toes are more defined. Her bones are forming and are starting to move! You can’t feel it yet, but you may see cute, tiny movements on an ultrasound. Her head appears much longer than the rest of its body which is completely normal. She will become more proportional as the weeks carry on. Her eyes have formed and are still widely spaced. They will appear closer together as she grows. Her lips are developing, as is the cutest little button nose! Her heartrate continues to rise and averages around 150 beats per minute. The part of her brain responsible for breathing, heart rate and movement is maturing.

Your body

You may still feel like you are in the thick of all of your pregnancy symptoms. Your pregnancy hormones are continuing to double daily, which only intensifies the nausea, breast tenderness and exhaustion. You are growing a human, and even though you can’t feel the happenings inside of you, your body is working very hard! Food cravings persist; give in to them if you are craving fruit, or meat which are common cravings in pregnancy. If you can’t get your mind off salty or sweet, treat yourself but try not to overindulge. Your breasts are continuing to grow and you may feel bloated, this is normal. Your uterus is growing and is the size of a grapefruit. Your growing uterus combined with constipation can cause hemorrhoids, which can cause itchiness, pain and bleeding around your rectum. These can persist throughout pregnancy and if you are struggling, let your healthcare provider know so she can help. That increased pressure can also cause varicose veins- small bluish veins that bulge under the skin. You can help prevent these by staying active each day, elevating your legs when you are resting and proper fitting footwear.


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